Animals and nature

Räddningscenter för hästar med hästsafari i Moçambique

Rescue center for horses with horse safari

MOÇAMBIQUE, AFRIKA Räddningscenter för hästar med hästsafari på Moçambiques sydkust Söder om staden Vilankulo längs Moçambiques sydkust ligger räddningscentret för hästar. På detta räddningscenter för hästar med hästsafari hjälper du som volontär till att ta hand om centrets hästar och

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Kevin Richardsons vilddjursreservat för lejon

Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary

SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA Kevin Richardson Wildlife Reserve for Lions At the Dinokeng Wildlife Sanctuary in the South African province of Gauteng, you as a volunteer can learn more about the king of the savannah. You also get to volunteer side

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Djurräddningscenter på Sulawesi för djur från illegal handeln med exotiska djur

Wildlife Rescue Center

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, made up of 17,504 tropical islands fringed with sandy white beaches. Sulawesi is the closest Indonesian island to the Philippines and is the hub of illegal trade in wild and exotic animals … Read More

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Djurräddningscenter i Amazonas regnskog

Animal Rescue Center in the Amazon

ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA Animal Rescue Center in the Amazon Rainforest On a bus ride from the capital Quito, the road winds its way along the lush mountains of the Andes and through small communities, the views are breathtaking. But when

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Djur- och naturbevarande på Galapagos

Wildlife Conservation on the Galapagos

ECUADOR, SOUTH AMERICA Wildlife Conservation on the Galapagos Is traveling to the exotic Galapagos on your “bucket list”? With this volunteer program you have the opportunity to discover these unique islands, and at the same time making a difference for

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Naturreservat med noshörningar i östra Afrika

Wildlife Reserve with Rhinos

KENYA, AFRICA Wildlife reserve with rhinos and chimpanzees in East Africa This project is the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, and also home to the world’s last two northern white rhinos. The reserve is the only place in

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Räddningscenter för skadade och föräldralösa djur

Australian Wildlife Rescue

Every year,  hundreds of thousands of native animals are injured, orphaned or become sick, often because of interaction with people or domestic pets. This wildlife shelter in country Australia is one of the largest unsupported  privately owned wildlife shelters in … Read More

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Räddningscenter för vallaby kängurur, vombat och andra inhemska djur

Wallabies & Wombats

While the number of native animals needing help is increasing, volunteer numbers are not keeping up. Your contribution is enormous as the feeding schedule of baby animals is a busy one and the shelter needs surrogate mums to provide food … Read More

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Djurbevarande ute i bushen på Big 5-reservat

Big 5- wildlife reserve

SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA Wildlife Conservation on Big 5 Reserve South Africa has fantastic wildlife, and the nature is magnificent and full of contrasts. Many species of wild animals in South Africa are severely threatened by poaching and recreational hunting, which

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Tasmanian Animal Sanctuary

Australia has some of the world’s most unique wildlife, with many species found only in Australia.  This makes wildlife conservation in Australia incredible important. Sadly, however, Australia is facing an extinction crisis, and has the worst mammal extinction record in … Read More

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Rehabiliteringscenter för skadade och föräldralösa fladdermöss

Bat Hospital

This project is based between The Great Barrier and the Tropical Rainforest of northern Queensland, Australia. These areas are rich in biodiversity, actually among the richest in the world. Working as a volunteer here, means mostly work with animals and … Read More

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Stora kattdjur på hållbart naturreservat

Big Cats Sanctuary

SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA Big Cats Sanctuary on Sustainable Nature Reserve On this unique project, you get the chance to get close to Africa’s big cats. You wake up to the roar of lions, watching the leopards mischief and the tigers

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Räddningscenter för vilda djur

Rescue Center for Wild Animals

NAMIBIA, AFRICA Rescue Center for Wild Animals With Namibia’s magnificent nature just around the corner, at this fantastic rescue project for wild animals, you get the opportunity to volunteer work with animal conservation. A unique project where you will thrive

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Räddningscenter vilda djur i underbara Thailand

Asian Wildlife

Help to rehabilitate animals by volunteering for this magnificent project. You will be living and working in an amazing environment! Loss of habitat is the greatest threat to wildlife in Thailand. The Centre has provided shelter for several types of … Read More

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Rehabilitering för asiatiska elefanter i underbara Thailand

Elephant Rehabilitation

Surrounded by a beautiful environment, you have the opportunity to work with one of the most magnificent creatures in the world, the elephant. Elephants are decreasing, not only in Thailand but all over the globe. It is not only the … Read More

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Big 5-naturreservat vid Victoriafallen

Wildlife Conservation at a BIG 5 Reserve

This Big 5 project is based in the Victoria Falls region. Here volunteer gain hands-on experience in conservation management activities, research projects, environmental awareness, sustainability projects and community development projects. Once a week you will camp in the bush, make … Read More

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Walking with Lions

After Volunteer Travels Ltd. started asking questions to this project, about why they continue to breed lion cubs for captivity, when they are not releasing any lions yet in their “release stages”, the supplier of this project decided to stop … Read More

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Big 5-reservat intill Krügerparken

14 days on a Big 5 Reserve

SOUTH AFRICA, AFRICA 14 days on a Big 5 Reserve at the border to the Kruger Park South Africa has a fantastic wildlife and the nature is magnificent and full of contrasts. Many wild animals in South Africa are severely

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Ökenelefanter i Damaraland

Desert Elephants in Damaraland

Is working with elephants in Africa somthing you have been dreaming about? This elephant project aims to increase knowledge and interaction between people and desert elephants in north-western Namibia, by providing infrastructure that allows humans and animals to use the … Read More

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