Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is included in the price of the trip when you travel as a volunteer with The Perfect World Travel/Volontärresor Sverige AB. Our Liability Insurance is completely unique and is only provided by us at Volontärresor Sverige AB. It applies to occasions when you have unintentionally damaged someone’s property or another person and thereby become liable for damages. Fortunately this has never happened, but we make sure that our volunteers still have liability protection during their journey.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is not included in the price of the trip. You have to arrange this on your own so that you have comprehensive travel insurance that cover adequate protection in the event of illness, theft, and injury. The insurance must also cover costs for any repatriation.

Cancellation Insurance​

Cancellation Insurance​​ is not included in the price of the trip. 

Why do I need insurance?

When traveling as a volunteer, it is important that you are properly insured. Volunteering is not normally included in your regular travel insurance, as it only provides protection during your leisure time on holidays. Some insurance companies exclude your entire trip, as the purpose of the trip is work, not vacation. Others give you protection during leisure time on your volunteer trip but it does not apply during your volunteer work, or the transportation to and from your volunteer work. So be sure to be clear with what you need and make sure you are covered.

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