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When you book your trip via Volunteer Travels, your booking and trip will be managed by Volontärresor Sverige AB in Sweden and therefore, Swedish consumer legislation applies. When a dispute arises, there are clear rules regarding you as a consumer. The general and specific travel conditions regulate, together with the information Volontärresor/Volunteer Travels provides, the agreement between the traveller and the organizer.

The agreement also includes specific information that the traveller receives regarding changes or additions to the above documents. In cases where the general and special conditions are contradictory, the specific conditions apply. The following are the special conditions of travel for traveling with Volontärresor.

You can register through the website or send your application by post, fax or e-mail. You can also call and register. Your registration is binding (see Cancellation).

Change of Address
The traveller must keep Volontärresor/Volunteer Travels informed of any change of address so that revised departure times and similar objects can be notified.

Cancellation Insurance
Not included in the price.

The following limits and amounts apply if you cancel your trip. Cancellation earlier than 60 days before departure: The traveller pays € 100.
Cancellation 60 days or later, but earlier than 21 days before departure: The registration fee is forfeited.
Cancellation 21 days or later, but earlier than 14 days before departure the traveller pays 25% of the total price.
Cancellation 14 days or later, the traveller pays 50% of the total price.
Cancellation less than 24 hours before departure, the traveller pays 100% of the price.

For travel to countires where the flight tickets are included, the following also applies: If cancelled later than 28 days before departure a fee of € 1,000 will be paid by the traveller.

Cancelled Volunteer Stay
If for any reason you need to abort a volunteer stay, Volontärresor is not responsible for repayment of fee for remaining volunteer work, accommodation or courses.

Volontärresor has the right to cancel a volunteer’s volunteer program if the volunteer has misbehaved in such a way that it affects their continued volunteering.

Payment shall be made on two occasions. For your application to be valid, registration fee must be paid as soon as you book your trip, however, no later than 7 days after receiving the invoice. We will send out the invoice, travel conditions, tips and literature about two months before departure.

Final payment must be made no later than 21 days before departure. The invoice is sent by post or email well in advance.

You must have a full insurance policy that provides adequate protection for illness and accidents. The insurance must also cover in case of repatriation. We can help you to acquire appropriate insurance.

Minimum Number of Participants
Our aim is to send a group of volunteers. In the case where we do not get a group, we do not cancel the trip, thus you will travel alone.

Passport and Visa
All our trips require a valid passport. You pay for all visas and the cost of visas where you apply at the border, as well as visas you must apply for electronically. See the itinerary for each country on our website or contact us for more detail. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that countries and authorities requirements for the individual traveller are met for the entire trip. If the traveller has no passport or visa on departure or otherwise denied exit /entry, no reimbursements occur. The traveller is responsible for their passport and other documents required for visa application.

If you have any problems during your volunteer stay, you first turn to your local coordinator. Then, contact Volontärresor, and together we try to solve the problem. Complaints and claims must be in writing to Volontärresor no later than one month after homecoming.

Amendments of the Tour Price
We reserve the right to correct the price of the trip at larger changes in trip costs. For example changes in price regarding project costs and exchange rates. A change of price is always notified to the traveller as soon as possible but no later than 30 days before departure.

Amendments of Terms and Journey Design
The structure of the trips is such that it is impossible to guarantee the itinerary to be followed 100 %. Itineraries are therefore always preliminary. This condition must be accepted by the traveller. Volontärresor reserves the right to make changes to existing trips contract terms.

Changes in itineraries may occur for many reasons. This can include the weather conditions, local authorities influence, change of permits, changed conditions for projects etc. If applicable, it is Volontärresors ambition to find an equivalent replacement.

If the traveller chooses not to use the specified hotels, transport, host families or volunteer projects, or leave the group during the trip, reimbursements or refunds are not possible. Further, the organizer declines financial responsibility for events that can be classified as force-majeure.

Volontärresor follows development in all destinations. The trips are not static. Therefore, we are always prepared to alter trips to make them even more interesting through better projects, for example. It is not always straightforward to meet a foreign culture and its traditions and laws. We visit the most diverse cultures, with the aim of bringing understanding and broadening the knowledge of the outside world. To demonstrate respect and be respected, it is necessary for the traveller to adjust to the local culture to the extent required.

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