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Moçambique is made up of bustling cities, towns and villages, with a sense of chaos and a tropical aroma. Old meets new, in this dramatically developing African country following the end of a long civil war, with sights of old colonial villas behind new building constructions. Mozambique has a Portuguese influence, although English is spoken throughout the country. This beautiful coastline is famous for its white glistening beaches and warm Indian Ocean, as well as its abundant national parks.

Nature/National parks/Safari

Gorongosa nationalpark park is located in the central parts of Moçambique and offers safari where you can experience Moçambique’s rich animal and nature life.

Maputo Elephant Reserve is home for over 200 elephants together with zebras, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos and a big variety of bird species.

Bazaruto consists of four islands that can be reached from the mainland by plane or boat. Together the island forms a big national park and there are no signs of roads, tourist attractions or shops.

Sun and sea

In the southern part of the country you find the seaside village of Toto that offers world-class diving and the opportunity to snorkel among whale sharks. There are also beautiful beaches that are very popular.


The city is located 70 kilometers north frpm Maputo and is Moçambique most popular destination. The area is specially known for the good deep sea fishing and diving but there are a lot of water activites you can do.


Ilha de Moçambique

This island can you reach from the three kilometers long bridge that goes from the mainland. The village on the island is on UNESCO:s world heritage list and was before a important arab trade point.

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