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Wildlife Conservation on Big 5 Reserve

South Africa has fantastic wildlife, and the nature is magnificent and full of contrasts. Many species of wild animals in South Africa are severely threatened by poaching and recreational hunting, which has devastating consequences for the biodiversity in South Africa.

Right on the border of the famous Kruger Park, lies the Balule Nature Reserve. As a volunteer on this projekt you will live here for two weeks or up to several months and work in the middle of the African bush among wild animals. Balule is a large reserve that strives to become self-sufficient, and is working for a sustainable environment. The reserve has the fantastic "Big 5" (leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and African buffalo) and a lot of other wildlife. A true adventure for life, where you as a volunteer get the chance to experience the Big 5… for real!

Project mission

The nature reserve has the mission of creating and ensuring a natural habitat for the wild animals on the reserve. The project focuses on teaching about the wild animals and the nature they depend on, which takes place in seminar form. You will also learn about the importance of a sustainable and ecological environment and how to put it in practice, in South Africa.

Volunteer work

On the reserve, you participate in the day to day work. You will learn how to work among the animals on a large reserve that is focusing on an environmentally-friendly, long-term and sustainable future. Everything from the soap you use, to the fuel in the cars is produced on site. The goal is that over time, the reserve will be self-sufficient, with the help of you as a volunteer. In camp one of the coolest things you can experience is sleeping in a tree house up in a tree by the pond. From up there you hear and see the animals up close and can sleep under a the starry sky.

During the summer (October – April) the temperature reaches 30–40 °C. During December – February it can rain very heavily. The rest of the year it can be very dry periodically. Which means that the activities on the reserve vary to adapt to high temperatures, heavy rainfall or drought. You'll volunteer work 5_6 days a week, with what needs to be done for the day. There is no set schedule, on the reserve you live according to "African time". Sundays are your day off.

Examples of volunteer activities:

  • Preservation and development of the reserve – an important job is to make the entire reserve a well-functioning cycle, reusing materials and building with what is in place.
  • Clear away "alien plants" that are not part of the natural fauna.
  • Maintain the roads throughout the reserve.
  • "Nourish" (a full day / week) – educate the locals and helps them in their daily life to strengthen the people who live in the community. Helping them with planting, aquaponic cultivation, building walls for houses and other things that are necessary for self-sufficient communities.
  • HALO (every other Saturday) – working in different villages with local dogs, to help keep them healthy.

Field / Nature Guide (3 months)
Do you dream of working as a guide in the South African bush? In this project you have the opportunity to book FGASA (Field Guiding Association of Southern Africa). A three-month course that qualifies you for work as a nature guide in South Africa. And a chance to learn all about Africa's animals and nature. If you want to learn more, please contact us.


Flight tickets are not included in the price for our volunteer program.

Your final destination is Hoedspruit Airport with booked arrival Wednesday the same day as your volunteer weeks starts and return ticket should be booked to Wednesday when your volunteer weeks are completed.

NOTE! It’s important that you let us know your travel itinerary before your departure.

Transfer & Orientation

Transfer from and to the airport is included in the price of the trip, you'll be picked up at Hoedspruit Airport by staff from the project.

When you arrive at the reserve, you will get an introduction of how to work on the reserve and what the park's activities consist of. On this project you will live close to wild animals, and large part of the orientation will be a safety briefing.

Book your trip

To book your trip, click on the orange “Book Now” button. You can also start your booking by selecting a start date, marked green, in the calendar. Book via phone on +46 823 9300 or via email at


Registration fee

Once you have booked your trip, you will receive a confirmation email from us including an invoice for the registration fee of £200 (or other preferred currency). When you have paid in the registration fee and it has been registered with us, you are formally registered.

NOTE! The registration fee is included in the total price of your trip, which means it will be deducted from your final invoice.

Preparatory Information

Well in advance of your planned departure we’ll send you preparatory information, including more detailed information about the project, work schedules, activities and a packing list etc.

Lodging, meals and leisure

The project's camp is located in the Balule Reserve, just under 20 km north of Hoedspruit. In the camp you are accommodated either in traditional round stone houses, or in a caravan. 2–4 people live together. In camp there is a lookout tower where you can sleep in the open air, and two overnight camping out in the bush are also included in your stay. Electricity and running water are available. Laundry service is included the first two weeks, after which you can have your clothes washed for a small fee. You must bring your own towels, mosquito net and a sleeping bag for the overnight camping in the bush. The camp also has classrooms and a small pool.

Three cooked meals a day are included in the price of the trip. Breakfast and lunch are arranged by you, while dinner is prepared and eaten together.

Internet is available and included in the price the first two weeks, if you stay longer you can continue to use the internet for a fee. TIP! You can buy a local SIM card at the airport when you arrive to be able to be online via 3G, when signal is available.

The project's camp is located in the wilderness where there is no public transport. The project will assist with transports that take place in connection with your volunteer work or within the reserve, note that many of the roads can be small and bumpy. Together with other volunteers, you'll also visit Hoedspruit for joint activities and shopping.

South Africa is known for its many different excursion destinations and there are a lot of sights to discover near the reserve. It can also be nice to just relax and rest during your free time.

Application form

When you have booked your volunteer program with us, we will send you an application form (together with the registration fee). Fill out the application form and return it to us, we will then forward it to the projekt as basis for your volunteer placement.


Liability insurance is included in the price of your volunteer trip. Liability insurance applies to occasions when you as a private person are required to pay damages for having unintentionally damaged someone or someone’s property.

You, yourself are responsible to ensure that your insurance cover covers illness, injury and theft while you travel and work as a volunteer.


You, yourself are responsible for applying for and acquiring the required visa for entering the country of your destination. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page for the country of your destination, to find out the accurate visa terms between your resident country and the country where you are travelling.


Remember to get vaccinated about a month before your departure. Check with your lokal vaccination center or doctor what vaccinations you need for your travels. We always recommend that you have adequate protection against Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus and Cholera, regardless of destination.

Remember! Circumstances can change rapidly, and epidemics can break out. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed, and also for which vaccination protection you choose.


Pictures from the project

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