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On the charming island of Nusa Penida, located 45 minutes by boat ride from Bali’s mainland, lies the centre for turtle conservation. The project is in its infancy stage and as a volunteer you will help with many different aspects, including collecting vital data on the turtle population on Nusa Penida. While volunteering, you will also sometimes have the opportunity to participate in teaching English to children in the local school, in case they are in need of extra help from volunteers while you are there. Travel to fantastic Bali and experience a trip of a lifetime, while helping turtles and children who want to learn English.


Project fee from EUR 960

Your Role as a Volunteer

Depending on the time of year that you travel will determine the activities and role you play as a volunteer while at this project. During breeding season, you will monitor turtles, collect eggs and ensure that as many turtles as possible make it to the sea. During this time there may also be occations where you can participate in teaching English in a local school during the day on the island of Nusa Penida.

For the daily activities participants, you will be working at the turtle site in the morning from 9.00-11.00 to clean up turtle tanks, clean turtles, feeding etc. and in the afternoon from 14.00 – 16.00 you will be cleaning up the beach, collect seaweed or teaching etc.  

The Project’s Mission

The purpose of this project is to monitor and promote turtle survival, while increasing English knowledge in the village situated on the island.

Local Partners

Our project is run in cooperation with our local partner, who has long term experience in receiving volunteers. Thanks to this partnership Volunteer Travels can offer you a well-organized and safe volunteer experience.

How do I book a trip?

You can book your trip with Volunteer Travels by calling us on (+46) 08-23 93 00 or by booking through our website by clicking on “Book a trip”. You can also email us on When you have registered yourself we will send you an invoice with a registration fee of €150.00. The registration fee is later incorporated into the trip price and the amount is then deducted from your final invoice. When you have paid the registration fee you are formally registered. You will then receive preparatory information from us in good time to plan your trip.

Your Everyday Life


You begin your journey with an exciting orientation week in the town of Ubud, which includes adventure and cultural tours to learn more about the Balinese culture. As a first step in the orientation week you will receive a basic language course and an introduction to the Balinese culture. The week also includes visits to various temples, a tour of Ubud and the famous “monkey street”. You will also experience the traditional Balinese dance performance, trekking in the rice fields, and you can also learn how to cook in the Balinese fashion. Finally, take a spiritual tour to the famous temple “Pura Tirta” and dip in the holy water and pray for good luck. After the introduction week is over, it’s time to move to the project on Nusa Penida, to begin your volunteer work. If you stay only for 2 weeks as a volunteer, there will be no introduction week. Focus will fully be on the volunteer programme for those two weeks.

Accommodation and Food

As a volunteer you live together with other volunteers from around the world at the project or at a volunteer centre. You will be served three local meals every day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


During your off time you will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful island culture and beaches. You will not have all the amenities that you are used to but the beauty and proximity to the beach will make up for it.

About Indonesia

In south-east Asia the fascinating island kingdom of Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 large and small islands of which only 6,000 are inhabited. The landscape is magnificent with its beautiful volcanic scenery, snow white beaches and tropical jungles to its snow-capped peaks of West Papua. Indonesia has the world’s second largest rainforest with unique flora and fauna, including the amazing primates, the Orang-utans. This country can be described as one of great diversity, where the people, customs and practices vary considerably in each and every province, making each state feel like you are traveling to a new country. Indonesia has 215 million people inhabiting its islands – from more than 200 ethnic groups! Rainforest devastation is a big threat to all the animals and plants in Indonesia, with over 140 species under threat of extinction. With the rise in illegal trade of rare species, the situation has worsened. Several areas have been established as nature reserves under the UNESCO to try and lessen the plight of many of Indonesia’s animals.

Practical Information


Flight tickets are not included in the price of the trip. Your ticket should be booked so you arrive to Ubud, Indonesia, on Monday (the same day the project starts). Your last work day would be Friday after the number of weeks you have chosen to work as a volunteer. If you would like to travel home straight after the end of the project, then you should book your return ticket to the day after, that is Saturday or alternatively Sunday. Make sure that you check that the arrival and the departure dates on your ticket are correct.


It is the volunteers responsibility to acquire the right visa for the trip. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page of your destination to find out what the visa terms are between your country and that destination.


It is your responsibility to make sure that your insurance covers illness, injury and theft whilst you are volunteering. Most travel agency’s sell a travel insurance that is valid for volunteer work, so be sure to enquire about it when booking your flight tickets. Volunteer Travels does however, supply liability insurance and is included in the price. Liability insurance applies to instances when compensation for damages is demanded of you, as a private person, for unintentionally hurting someone or for unintentionally damaging someone else’s property.


For any questions regarding vaccinations, you should contact a vaccination centre in your home country. They will tell you which vaccinations are necessary for traveling to Indonesia. Vaccination against Hepatitis A and B and tetanus is always recommended when travelling abroad.

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