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Few places in the world evoke such strong Africa associations as Kenya does, leading the continent as a tourist destination. From crystal clear sea over coral reefs, to mountains forming the famous Rift Valley, to grass plains covered in animals as far as the eye can see, Kenya has this and much more to offer. Kenya’s people are as diverse as the landscape, often described as a cultural melting pot.

To see and do

There is much to see and do during your off time in Botswana. Here are some examples:

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and is an extinct volcano with a peak of over 5000 meters above sea level. Here you can climb, hike and in the area there are many wild animals such as elephants and leopards.

Masai Mara National park

The national park is home to a large variety of lions and other African animals. During the months of July and August the great migration when about two million zebras, gazelles and antelopes migrate to the reserve’s in east.

Nairobi National Park

The park is one of the few places in the world where you can almost always see wild rhinos.


We offer a stunning ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro for those who want to experience an unforgettable adventure. Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest freestanding mountain majestically rises straight up from the savannah in Tanzania. Join the adventure of a lifetime to Kilimanjaro!

Sun and Sea

Diani Beach

This amazing paradise beach you will find south of Mombasa. It is a popular destination and a lot of tourist visit Diani beach every year. Diani beach offers a fabulous pure white beach with turquoise clear water.


The beach in the town of Malindi is magical and the National Park Malindi marine park offers great diving and snorkeling.

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