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Namibia’s population is as varied as its landscape: colourful and rich in different languages and lifestyles. Namibia ranges from river landscapes of the Caprivi Strip through to forests and savannahs to the deserts along the Atlantic. Africa’s largest national park, Etosha lies in Namibia. Namibia’s constitution strives to use its natural resources to provide for its people.

In eastern Namibia you can find the known Kalahari desert!

To see and do

When you are free from your volunteer work there is exciting tourist attractions and activities to engage yourself in. Here is a few:

Nature/National parks

Etosha national park lies in the northern parts of Namibia and is a mixture of grassland, scrublands and sand areas. In Etosha there is a huge lake that is dry most part of the year but during the rainy season it is filled with water and has a thriving animal life. In the park there are many different mammals, birds and reptiles. Here you can see the black rhino, elephants, lions cheetah and leopards etc.

Fish River Canyon is the world’s next largest canyon, it is only Grand Canyon in USA that is bigger. The longest river in Namibia, Fish River has cut itself down in the platform and created this magnificent landscape. The deepest ravines is 550 meters deep.


If you go to Namibia you can count on getting an encounter with the sun, in fact Namibia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. In average Namibia has 300 days of sun per year! Namibia is most part covered in desert and it is not unusual with temperatures during the day to go over 40 degrees Celsius and during the night temperatures fall down to below zero degrees Celsius.

Namibias rain period stretch itself between November – March but it doesn´t rain large amount in the desert areas.
In northeastern Namibia the climate is subtropical and it is here the most rain falls, around 600 mm per year.


  • Water (1,5 liter bottle): 14.41 R
  • Coke/Pepsi (033 liter bottle): 10.12 R
  • Meal for 2 people, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course: 400.00 R
  • Taxi 1 km (Normal Tariff): 9.98 R

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