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Ecuador is a microcosm of South America – everything on the continent is also found in this small country. Here you are met by colors and scents, abundant wildlife and proud people. Did you know that the country derives its name from the equator, and most of the country lies on the south of this line.

To see and do

When you are free from your volunteer work there are exciting attractions and activities for you to see and do. Here are a few:

Nature/National Parks

Ecuador has one of the world’s most unique environments and its many destinations offer the travelers various sights to explore.

An exceptional landscape awaits those who visit Ecuador. Here you can take part of warm and sunny beaches by the Pacific Ocean, impressive mountain villages in the Andes, Amazonas rainforest och the world´s most organic wonder – The Galapagos Islands.

The Ecuadorian Andes offers outside activities such as hiking, paddle and mountain bike. This makes it ideal for enthusiasts and is one of the most popular tourist’s attractions in South America.

With its rainforest Amazonas is the home for thousands of animal spices. The most abundant group is the Bats that you can see everywhere, followed by the rodents. You can also see jaguars, ocelots, and the world’s smallest true monkey, Pygmy marmoset, Black-mantled Tamarinds and many more.

Due to the countries vicinity to the equator and its shifting geographic Ecuador is the adventurers dream holiday.
Were else can you see pre historical creatures in its natural habitat, witness giant sea turtles, watch iguanas and hike among active volcanoes?

Deepen in the antique culture about the Inca civilization and visit capital Quito that lies on 2850 meters height above sea level and has over 2,5 million citizens!

Sun & sea

Ecuador has a long coast line that offers many different activities. Numerous people say among other things that the world’s best diving and surfing is to be found here.
Along Ecuador´s Pacific ocean coast you will find everything from larger cities to small fishing villages that has no tourists. What all of these has in common is a fantastic climate with beautiful mile long beaches!

The most popular beaches lies in the northern parts of Ecuador. One of the most beautiful is Atacames that is a 4 kilometer long beach that offers surfing, water sports and whale watching.


Otavalo is a small city that lies about 10 miles north from Quito. At first sight the village doesn´t seem to do a big impression, however it become colorful and lively on Saturday morning when the locals starts to sell their goods on the market in Poncho Square. They sell almost everything here; carpets, blankets, belts and much more within handicrafts.
Everything is made by hand with skills that have gone through one generation to the next. For sure this is a “must do” experience when visiting Ecuador!


The climate varies depending on were in Ecuador you are.
Quito lies on a height on 2800 meters by the equator which gives an even temperature year around with 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 10 degrees Celsius at night.
Amazonas has a warm and moist tropical climate with rain showers.
Galapagos has a warm period between January – June with around 30 degrees Celsius, July – December are the cold period with degrees between 22-24.


  • Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course: 25.00 $
  • Water (1.5 liter bottle): 1.04 $
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle): 0.80 $
  • Taxi 1 km (Normal tariff): 1.00 $


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